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Weekly Spa Maintenance:                                                                                      
1) Clean filter weekly                                                              
2) Use your test strips to properly balance your sanitizer and Ph levels.
3) Shock your spa once a week -2 onces Non chlorine spa shock.  
4) People with skin conditions  should keep the PH a little on the high side
around (7.8 and 8.0) otherwise it should be 7.2 to 7.8   
Never use more than 2 tablespoons of Ph+ or Ph- in day, the chemical needs time to
5)The biggest problem is adding way too much sanitizer, always use your test strips!
You don't have to load your floater up most spas are only a few hundred gallons of
water not a 10,000 gallon swimming pool! Use granules to better measure a weekly
6) Change your water every 3 to 4 months.  
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Extra Info
Hot Tub Folliculitis
Recently we have been hearing a lot of questions about hot tub folliculitis.  The not-
so-rare break out of what is sometimes called “hot tub rash”.  If you haven’t heard
of it, it is typically a breakout of 10-100 small red bumps that are caused by poor
water chemistry.  Low PH levels or the lack of sanitizer is usually to blame.  Many
times the break out is found on the skin beneath a swimsuit.  It starts with itchy dry
skin and eventually progresses into a number of small tender boils on the skin (if you
live in the south, it’s a lot like a fire ant bite, except 50 times worse!).  

Symptoms will often go away within a few days on their own, but sometimes a good
antibiotic is needed to eliminate the infection.  If you find that the rash is spreading
or not going away, seek medical care.

There are several steps to take if you want to avoid this embarrassing little rash.  

First and foremost, keep your spa’s PH levels between 7.2 and 7.8.  Not only will this
keep your spa water properly balanced, but it will help your spa equipment to live a
long and prosperous life.  

Secondly, maintain proper sanitizer levels in your spa.  Low bromine levels and hot
water become a fabulous breeding ground for bacterium.  

Thirdly, be sure to keep your spa filters clean and change your spa water regularly.  
Your spa skimmer and filter are made to absorb your sweat, body oils and pretty
much anything else left behind during a good soak.  Water should be changed every
3 months or so.  There is only so much mixing and balancing of your water
chemistry that your spa of 300-500 gallons can take.  Eventually, the water becomes
unmanageable; unable to breakdown any more chemicals.

Pretty simple, keep your water balanced and change it regularly.  You’ll be glad you
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Spa Filter Basics
Funny thing about hot tubs, we love to soak in them and play in them, but I don’t
recall anyone ever saying how they just can’t wait to get home to clean it.
A spa filter is designed to collect all the unwanted hair, dead skin, body oils and
anything else that might be floating around the water’s surface. By design it helps to
keep the water clean and safe for your enjoyment.
Most manufacturers have taken the time to properly engineer the weir skimmer,
pump size and plumbing to allow proper surface skimming and removal of all that
yucky stuff from the water. It is equally important to be sure that the filter is the
proper type.
There are many types of filters and often there are multiple manufacturers for your
filter, but it is very important to utilize the filter specifically designed for your water
flow. The paper in a spa filter is crucial for the proper removal of those ickies. Too
much porosity and many of these contaminates will stay in the water for your
soaking pleasure. Too little and the water can be restricted so much that consistent
heating and jet pressure becomes problematic.
When cleaning your filter start off by using the high pressure of a hose nozzle to
clean out the heavy debris from between the pleats in the paper element. Many
companies sell a concentrated solution to break down the oils and loosen the debris
that you can let the filter soak in. You will want to have a backup filter to place in the
spa so that your tub does not operate without any type of filtering protection.  
To increase the life of your filter, try placing it in your dishwasher for a cycle. The hot
water will do a great job breaking down the oils and opening the clogged pores of
your spa filter. Incidentally it will also do a great job taking the filter from dingy grey
to white. You will want to make sure to cancel the drying cycle so as to not damage
the filter. Just don’t do this with Grandma’s china or anything else you might be
thinking about eating or drinking from!
Needless Death of a Child
In light of the recent needless death of yet another child drowning, we would like to
raise awareness to the Virginia Graeme Baker act passed through congress and
signed into law by President Bush in December of 2007. The law went into effect in
December 19, 2008.
This law is the direct result of a seven year girl named Virginia Graeme Baker who
drowned in a hot tub after being sucked into the drain. This little girl who was
completely capable of swimming since the age of three was not strong enough to pull
herself free from the drain suction. In horror, her mother tried with all her strength
to pull Graeme from the bottom but could not free her from the powerful suction. It
took two other men to free her from the drain.
To read the whole story: http://www.usa.safekids.org/water/pool_bakers.html
In an effort to avoid this tragedy in the future, a safer newly designed suction has
been engineered. These suctions are designed to release the vacuum when the water
flow is blocked and eliminate the suction all together.
There are no manufacturers that I know of who have deliberately ignored the
mandate to use safer suctions. What I do know is that none were available until late
December from suppliers and with the downturn in the economy there is still a lot of
hot tub inventory left over from 2008. At the onset of 2009 there were tens of
thousands of spas left over from 2008 that were not built with the newly designed
suctions. Sad to say, but many of these spas are still sitting in dealers’ showrooms
and will be sold without the safety devices. If you are considering buying a hot tub
please ask your dealer to be sure the spa either has the new suctions or will be
retrofitted prior to delivery.
If you purchased a spa prior to January 2009, please be sure to change your drain
suctions to the new safety suctions. It only takes a few minutes and can easily be
done without much effort. You will not have to replace any plumbing. Changing the
suction face will only require a Philips head screwdriver and a few minutes of your
Sitting in your hot tub should not be dangerous. Please take the time to                 
make the changes; you will be glad you did!