About Our Business

The Spa Mechanic provides professional
service,quality parts, competitive pricing, and has 37
years experience. Knowing back in 1980 this
industry like computers, someday almost everyone
would have one at their home. The problem is there
are not enough quality technician's out there, well
you just found one! Once you have tried our service
you like many of our customer's will never use
anyone else!
The reason why most people have so many problems with their spa is the lack of spa care knowledge. Most companies
are just worried about the sale or the customer is too excited about their new spa, and somewhere in that not enough
information is given to the customer or the wrong information is given out. In my Extra info section you will find
information on chemicals. Which by the way is the number one cause of damage to a spa! Chemical damage will void
your warranty and cause expensive unnecessary repairs! Our company will always strive to help our customers to avoid
this problem anyway we can. Thank you, The Spa Mechanic-
The Spa Mechanic Inc.
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