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Our business services all of the Tampa bay area with  fully stocked vans and all of the US via our online spa parts
store. The Spa Mechanic sells and services portable spas and hot tubs. We stock all kinds of hot tub parts, Spa
parts, Spa pumps, packs, blowers, ozonators, jets, heaters, controls, & more. Many spa parts or hot tub parts not
pictured may be found in our online spa parts store, If not  you can call or email us with questions about  any of
your spa/hot tub needs.
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Gecko Spa Pack -110/ 220 v
IN.XE Retrofit 220v or 110v
T-Stat & Hi-Limit
4 HP Pump 220v 2 Speed
AP-4 Pack/Spa Pack - 110/220
Blower 110 or 220v
Del Zone Ozonator 110v
One & Two Pole Air Switches
One & Two Pole Contactors
Pressure Switches
Vertical Heater & Heat Tube
Flow Thru Heater Element
Relays - Potter Brumfield - Zettler
Jets Air Controls & Air Buttons
Temperature sensor wells
Waterway Jets
Balboa VS Series
Vertical Heater for leisure bay
Waterway Jumbo Whirley Jet
T-Handle Shut Off Valves
Square Flange coil Heater
Suction Fittings
Gecko Pack Top Control
Air Injectors
Len Gordon Topside Control
Ultra Pure  Ozonator 110v
1.5 HP Pump 2 Speed 110v
1HP Bath Pump 110v W/AirSwitch
Waterway Wetends
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